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Laura Fisher-BonvalletFor award winning weaver, Laura Fisher-Bonvallet, creating beautiful art wear is a passion. As a designer, she is inspired by the use of complex textures and color combinations, and applies these elements in a unique blend of asymmetry and balance in every garment.

Each piece is an original design, constructed entirely by hand, one at a time using the finest natural fibers, including silk, cotton, and rayon, as well as subtle metallic threads. The process entails first developing the garment silhouette, followed by careful selection of yarns and colors, along with designing the weave structure. The yardage is woven on a large floor loom, then transformed into garments by cutting, piecing, and sewing, utilizing traditional tailoring techniques.

Laura is the sole designer, while a dedicated staff of highly skilled assistants helps with the weaving and assembling of the garments. Finishing is especially important to turning out a quality product. Attention to detail is evident in her work, from the use of a fine duopioni silk, to the selection of just the right button to complete some designs. Laura is drawn to surface design and is continually experimenting with new techniques. When a process is perfected, she incorporates it into new designs.

Beauxchene Fibre Arts StudioLaura's contemporary handwovens evoke a new sophistication in the tailored realm. She wants her work to be functional and versatile while maintaining a sense of luxury and style. The woman who wears Laura's garments is confident in her own sense of style which goes beyond purely fashion.

Her spacious studio is set on an inspiring five acre woodland, located in Oneida, Wisconsin. It is here that she enjoys the beauty of nature every day. Known as Beauxchênes (Bo-shen - beautiful oaks) Fibre Arts, the studio is attached to the home she shares with her husband, Jeff, and studio pal, an Irish Setter named Bailey McKibben.

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